MARCH, 2018




We had such an exciting day today…First of all Artist Kay Carpenter came into Maple class to help us to learn more about painting. We looked at images of dinosaurs and planned our colours and designs. We practiced colour mixing and then worked together as a group to create these amazing dinosaurs!

Whilst we had the paints out, we explored lots of other ideas, spending time colour mixing and thinking about texture and pattern.

” How do I make a grey?”…..”Oh, if I mix purple and green it goes greyish”

“I think I would like it to be a Leopard T-Rex, you know…with spots on it”


This was the finished T-Rex head!

So then as we had the paints out, the children wanted to paint the volcanoes they had made earlier in the week…there was lots of talk about how the paint ‘disappeared’ into the clay as it was absorbed by the dry clay. The children spent a long time trying to explain how their volcanoes might errupt and were very specific about the reds and oranges they wanted to use inside their craters.