Learning Powers

These are our Learning Power characters who help the children understand how they learn. Because at St.Mary's we want our children to become great life-long learners, we aim to help them develop skills they can apply to learning throughout their lives; to be curious, to persevere, to concentrate, to be brave and to learn from their mistakes. On Fridays, in celebration assembly, we then celebrate children's use of these skills as we present a member of each class with their 'Learning Powers' certificate!

Brave Bees
use their mistakes to learn and find new ways to have a go.

Concentrating Crocodiles
keep focused on the task at hand.

Curious Cats
are deep thinkers who explore, investigate and ask good questions.

Linking Lemurs
look for links and connections in knowledge and learning.

Persevering Parrots
keep trying no matter how hard the task seems.

The 6 Bs

At St Mary's, we want to give children the tools to become independent learners and help them to rely less on the adults in their classrooms, and more on themselves and their friends. The 6 Bs are strategies that the children can use before automatically asking an adult for help. By keeping calm, using their previous learning, their environment and their peers, children learn how to be independent and become more confident in their own ability to solve problems. The 6 Bs are also linked with our belief that having a growth mindset will help the children to achieve much more than they might think they are capable of!