School Building

School Premises





St Mary’s is a vibrant learning environment that celebrates the contributions made by children throughout.  A single storey building with bright and airy classrooms, spaces for group work and areas for creative learning, there is always a calm, purposeful buzz.  With support from the PTFA, classrooms and facilities are kept up to date in terms of technology and resources and projects are always being undertaken for further improvement.

Our latest project being the school playground.

In addition, to the classrooms all named after trees, we have a beautiful library space run and used by the pupils on a regular basis. A quiet room and Thrive room, spaces used to help support and enhance the social, emotional and well being of all children.  A kitchen, which produces freshly cooked delicious lunches for us to enjoy and a good sized hall for mealtimes, collective worship and PE.

At St Mary’s, we value the outside learning environment as much as the indoor, regularly using the Forest Way, Church, Croft, Ashdown Forest and our own outside space to enhance learning.