Supporting Your Child

Children learn all the time. When they start school they spend a lot of time learning through play. As their ability to concentrate and comprehend increases their learning experiences become more formal and longer. Although much of your child’s formal learning is done at school, home and family life is a fantastic place to put in to practise the things they have heard about in school. For example, children may talk about measuring liquids in school, they may do this as part of Science and Maths, they will probably even measure liquids in class, however, nothing will make this learning more effective than measuring liquids at home with you. You may cook together, take lots of measuring jugs in to the bath one night, water the plants or have a tea party. Learning does not have to be done sitting down. Make it fun and you will both enjoy it. It can easily be incorporated in to the day by discussing the time, reading the clock, working out how much things cost. There are hundreds of opportunities in each day to involve your child in what you are doing and to hep them learn.

Learning to read is one of the most important foundation stones of your child’s learning. If your child can read then it opens up lots of new opportunities for them to explore the world around them. One of the most effective ways you can help your child is to read at home with them every day. At the beginning of Reception this will mean reading to your child and studying and discussing the pictures together. Understanding the story that pictures tell is one of the first strategies children use in learning to read so this is a great way to start. By Y1 you should be aiming to have your child read to you for about 5 minutes each day. By Y2 this should be 10 minutes and by Y3 your child may be reading independently. Once your child is reading independently you can still support them by discussing what they have read and checking they understands any difficult words and are able to follow the plot. Please do not forget to visit the school library for a huge selection of books.