All pupils in the school wear uniform. The Governors and staff support the wearing of uniform and strongly advise that parents follow the recommended colours and styles when choosing clothing.

Girls Grey pinafore, skirt, or trousers
Pale blue shirt
School cardigan or jumper*
Grey or white ankle or long socks
Blue and white gingham summer dress
Black or brown sensible shoes (not trainers)
School tie*
School light blue polo style short sleeved shirt*
Sun hat*
School bookbag
School coat*.

Grey short or long trousers
Pale blue shirt;
School jumper*
Black or brown sensible shoes (not trainers)
Grey socks
School tie*
School light blue polo style short sleeved shirt*
Sun hat*
School bookbag*
School coat*.

Key Stage 1 (Reception and Years 1 and 2) can wear their school polo shirt all year should they wish (this helps with changing in and out of PE kits);
Key Stage 2 children (years, 3, 4, 5 &6) should only wear a polo shirt during the summer term and early autumn term only. A shirt and tie should be worn during the winter months. All shirts are required to be tucked into trousers or skirts.

PE Kit
Pupils need a change of clothes for physical activities for reasons of safety and hygiene.
School T-shirts*;
School sweatshirt*
Navy shorts
Black plimsolls (trainers may be worn in KS2 for outdoor use)
Swimming costume and swimming hat
Tracksuit bottoms*
PE bag*.

* These items can be purchased from the school office.

Additional Guidance for Parents
• All clothing and personal items should be clearly named.
• PE kit is kept in a bag in the cloakroom – please provide a drawstring bag or purchase one from the school office.
• A painting overall is needed for art work – an old shirt with the sleeves cut short and finished with elastic is suitable.
• The only jewellery acceptable in school are small stud earrings, and we reserve the right to forbid items of clothing, jewellery, accessories and footwear that are unacceptably dangerous in school or are against the interests of children at large.
• Shoulder length hair should be tied back to keep it out of the child’s face, using hair accessories that match school colours
• Make-up, nail varnish etc are not to be worn at school