Learning with love, strength and faith following the example of Jesus


We see ourselves as a family at St Mary’s and believe wholeheartedly in community.  As a result, our vision statement evolved from a series of workshops carried out with the children, parents, staff and governors.  Launched in 2016, learning with love, strength and faith is key to each and everyone of us being successful.


At St Mary’s we believe:


  • Everyone is learning all the time and we do this best when we are happy, safe, secure and feel loved
  • We learn best by asking questions, making mistakes and having the resilience and strength to carry on
  • School is fun, inspiring and an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone – after all this is where the magic happens!
  • Better is together: we are all unique, have different strengths and have something to contribute to the world, the school community and our families both now and in the future
  • we can learn exceptional things for our role models; including Jesus. Having faith in Jesus to guide us through his example inspires our learning.