On Monday 28th January, Mr D organised a fantastic day of orienteering to help the children put into practice the skills that some of them have been learning in P.E. this term.

Mr D had arranged a ‘shop’ full of items that the children would need to build a den – such as tarpaulins, tent pegs, bamboo canes etc, adult assistance etc! In order to get these items, the children had to work in teams to ‘buy’ them, finding items around the field to exchange for the things they wanted. Mr D had placed cones out in the field and, to get a patch of land to build their den on, the groups had to find a ‘golden ticket’! Once all the teams had an area of land, if another team trespassed onto their land, there was a forfeit to be paid!

In the morning, Lilac and Maple braved the cold and spent the morning working in teams up on The Croft. The Year 6 were wonderful helpers to their buddy in Maple and their dens were pretty impressive! In the afternoon, it was Cherry and Willow’s turn. It was so great to see children across the school working alongside children in other classes and being such brilliant team mates to each other.

We are so lucky to have Mr D as our P.E. teacher and we are so grateful to the work he put into making this event so much fun. Thank you, Mr D!