Wildlife Explorers Big Garden Birdwatch – Jan 2014

Binolulars RSPB Jan 2014

This week (w/c 27th January 2014) the RSPB  invited everyone to take part in the world’s
largest bird survey – the ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’.   St Mary’s  provided
the charity with a vital snapshot of the UK’s bird population  in our
area.  We walked all round school and the churchyard observing the birds.
We spent one hour jotting down the highest number of each bird species
we spotted on the ground and in the trees at any one time.
Afterwards Mr Rowberry  entered what we found at www.rspb.org.uk . We
had a great time eating our packed lunch under shelter then despite the rain
we learnt how to use binoculars and how to recognise some of our common

Binolulars 3