After the searing heat of earlier in the week, Willow Class Forest School started in the drizzling rain!

They collected lots of plants and flowers along the journey, looking closely at the shapes of leaves and number of petals each plant had. Once in the woods, some children used their plants to create a print, by banging them with hammers to release the juice and create some lovely symmetrical patterns.

The impact of Forest School can be seen through the skills, tools used, art and craft activities, observations and knowledge of the fruit, plants trees in relation to the seasons and the skills involved in learning how to play Forest School games.

Willow Class had been learning the Greek Myth story of Arachne, who was turned into a weaving spider, so they enjoyed doing their own weaving with some of the plants they had found.

Some of the class collected rabbit droppings along the way. They had schemed on planting some of the fruit they had brought. Once in the woods they found a Willow sapling and moved it to their ‘farm’ and planted it with the fruit seeds, rabbit droppings to fertilise it and then watered it in well.

Along the way, some of the children collected rubbish, armed with gloves, bags and a litter picker. They were so committed and enthusiastic about it. They showed great care and concern for their environment, along with great organisational skills, to organise themselves with turn taking and ensuring they were aware of litter on both sides of the track.