This week, it was Willow class’ turn to go into the forest. With the promise of sunshine in the afternoon, we braved the initial showers and made it to the forest without getting too soaked. That is, with the exception of Hope and Ashleigh who were pouring out their wellies after they got a little too excited in the streams!

The Woodland Trust had kindly donated some trees to us so, with some help from Mrs Johnston, Millie, Kishi and Phoebe spent some time planting these around the forest.

It wouldn’t have been right to have spent the last two weeks learning about cocoa without a little chocolatey treat during forest school! Thank you to Mrs Vasey at Faitrade Lingfield and Dormansland, we all had some Fairtrade hot chocolate which definitely warmed us up!

Thank you, Willow class and to our super parent helpers, for a really lovely afternoon!