Willow had a fantastic time in the forest on Thursday and, except for a few spots of rain on the walk down there, stayed dry and toasty around the fire! On the walk we were keeping our eyes our for bluebells which are out in force and looking really beautiful.
Thanks to the wonderful PFTA buying a new slackline, Willow were the first class to test it out and were pretty successful at it, too!
A few of the girls wanted to make some clay to recreate some greek pots that they had been learning about in history. We loosened up some clay that the badger had kindly dug up for us, added water and had a super time getting very messy! Not many sculptures were left as the girls had far too much fun squishing it around in their hands but it was great to see them getting stuck into an activity with such enthusiasm!

Some of the other children had a go at making a fire and showed real resilience when it came to using the flints and steels and their hard work paid off with a lovely warm fire.

Well done, Willow Class, for using your great imaginations and team work to create such a lovely atmosphere at Forest School.