Willow class use their writing skills to sell Stig’s den.

Willow class use their writing skills to sell Stig’s den.

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Diary Extract1

This half-term, Willow Class has been reading Stig of the Dump and using this as the basis for our writing.

Diary Extract4

Stig's Den4


After reading the first chapter, we built ourselves a den in the Stig's Den6classroom using unwanted bits and pieces from home and school!




Diary Extract7

Stig Hotseat2We then had an opportunity to ‘hot-seat’ Stig, where some of Stig Hotseat1us dressed up as Stig and were interviewed by the rest of the class. These activities provided us with an opportunity to empathise with Stig and to try and imagine how he must have felt so we then were able to write some diary extracts using the first person.





For Sale1After a couple of weeks, we noticed that a ‘For Sale’ sign had appeared next to the den so, having practised being estate agents and ‘selling’ our classroom, we turned our attention to the den. We looked at some real estate agent details and how they use persuasive language, which enabled us to produce our own brochures for the den. We hope you enjoy reading them but would just like to add that it is not really for sale as we are still enjoying it as a role play area!

We have now made up some shopping lists for Stig and are thinking about what inventions and contraptions he is going to come up with next to make his life in the den more comfortable.

For Sale Writing1

For Sale Writing3