On Thursday, Willow Class joined Mr and Mrs Rowberry for a number of wildlife activities. We had so much fun learning about how to conserve our local habitats.

Bug Hotels

The children helped Mr and Mrs Rowberry re-build their bug hotels. We created new homes for the bugs using bamboo, twigs, tiles, cans and leaves. We hope that the bugs enjoy their stay!

Woodland Walk

Mr Rowberry took us around the woods, pointing out fascinating invertebrates and explained the local food chain to us.

Pond Dipping

We found many different species in the pond, from newts to water boatman. The children learnt the importance of preserving all species, right down to the water fleas.

Pooh Bridge Walk

We couldn’t visit Pooh Bridge without a brilliant game of ‘Pooh Sticks’.
Thank you so much to the parent volunteers, who helped make this such a fantastic morning.