For World Book Day, as well as having the opportunity to dress as their favourite character from a book, each class contributed to a whole school story. The teachers brought in an object that needed to be included and the classes wrote a paragraph each. Starting in Maple, the story progressed through Cherry to Willow, giving Lilac the exciting task of bringing the story to its conclusion.

Can you work out the items each class had to include?

Once upon a time there was a friendly rainbow bear called David. He lived in an oak tree in the Ashdown Forest. The tree had a little door so that the bear could go in and out and was covered in green leaves and orange flowers. One day he was found asleep on the cushions in the library of St Mary’s school. A grey mouse with sparkly green eyes was sleeping in a light pink ballet shoe. It lived in the small ballet shoe in the corner of the library.

The mouse became friends with the bear. They were reading a book about “How to find a magical key” and suddenly a magic key appeared in thin air. They found a small door in one of the bookshelves and unlocked it with the key. They went through it full of wonder and the door closed behind them. They were trapped in a story – Toy Story 4. They met Woody, Jessie and Bo Peep. Woody said “Let’s go on an adventure .” They went to meet Evil Emperor Zurg.

They stepped forward and they were in an enchanted forest with twinkling lights surrounding them. The mouse became frightened and the bear laughed at him and they started arguing. All of a sudden Pikachu runs past them and headed straight towards a glowing light. Zurg slowly emerged and went to attack them all. Within a split second, a lightning bolt flashed and killed Zurg instantly. All the sparkling lights started forming stars and filled a jar. Woody & Bo Peep went over to see the jar. It was a jar of dreams. It was flashing and twinkling. As a team, they made a costume that meant they could enter the jar of dreams. They all held hands and jumped inside. There were four different portals and dreams for them to choose…

They looked at the four portals and decided to put it to a vote. The first portal led to Atlantis, the wondrous underwater city and the second was Badger’s House. The third would take them to Emerald City and the final one was just black, just nothing. For some reason, they decided this portal would be the best one to choose and they dropped in one-by-one. Once everyone had reached the bottom, all they could see was themselves! They looked up, they looked down; to the right, to the left – they couldn’t see anything. The decision was made to head in a straight line. After what felt like forever, the group stumbled upon a vast lake, which had four pairs of wellies lined up beside it. The four of them put on the wellies and were led by the magical boots towards the water. They were starting to panic, but the weird thing was they didn’t sink! They slowly made their way towards the middle of the lake, but unfortunately they didn’t realise they were heading towards a waterfall. They fell and they fell…and landed on a pile of cushions in the library at St Mary’s School.